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Tuesday, August 3, 2010 `

i'm not gonna blog any time now.
cos super sian man.
will come back to blog when i feel like it.
but rmbr, i will forver be a super junior ultimate fan!
 shinee and CNblue also :D

rainbow-ed @8:13 PM
Tuesday, July 20, 2010 `

long time nvr blog.and last month, i bao my sms :X this month,i didn't bao my sms but my outgoing call :X OMG. how did that happen?! >< 

because of super junior mini drama, there's this part were they have to act to princess hours, i'm watching it again! and i am officially hooked! :O cos primary school teacher only show halfway and i last time also too lazy to watch so i watching now :X and the hui xia uh, so despo to see them kiss until she jump from ep 11 all the way to ep 22 to see them kiss. WTH?! i'm at ep 14 now and i started on sunday? YAY?

i screwed oral yesterday. i screwed it alot. i guess i'm just gonna fail it :X last night i was suppose to do maths. but my parents went out so i quicky chionged for the computer and watch princess hours. watch until 11 plus. if not for my parents coming back, i think i'll probably watching until the next day also wun stop lor...

i woke up late today :X my stupid alarm didn't ring!! >< i only woke up by the viration of sabrina calling. thn i told her that i just woke up and asked her to go first. in the end my father send me there :D today during mother tongue did five stones sewing. quite fun :D and thn today got early dismisal cos the sec 4s got O-level listening compre. so i went back with VYY. and then when reach tampines, i suddenly dun feel like going home sia. so i called my mum and told her i need to do lit project in library and me and yy went to macs to eat. thn we went to T1 cos we need go toilet.LOL! accompanied yy to this japanese show (idk what name) and they were playing BONAMANA!! i mean that's so awesome and ironic at the same time cos it's a JAPANESE shop playing a song. haha xD thn went to urbanwrite and yy bought her present for her junior which she owe dunno how long ago. and i bought a pen. haha xD

i reach home at like arnd 3.30 or 4 like that? thn do maths cos i didn't do yesterday. and here i am doing 'lit'. well, that's what i told my mum i'm doing. heh heh ^^ 

rainbow-ed @6:35 PM
Monday, July 12, 2010 `

sry for the kinda dead blog. but onlya short post cos need to chiong hw thn chiong out ><

MR LEE IS BACK!!! HE'S BACK TO TEACH OUR CLASS!! i mean after the teacher announced that he left the sch in thurs... but HE'S BACK! and he only teach our class ehh! BD we were like damn happy to see him suddenly during EL lessons sia. thn we were cheering like siao. thn mr eng come in to giv some maths concent form. so anti-climax sia! LOL! well, at least mr lee is back :D

gotta do history evaluation thn go out >< i dun wanna go out! ><

ohh, and there's gonna the korean version of "IT STARTED WITH A KISS" haha. so weird o.o kim hyun joong and the 'go mi nu' gonna be the main casts :D i swear i'm gonna watch it although i alr finish the taiwan version :D

rainbow-ed @5:55 PM
Thursday, July 8, 2010 `

i found so many cute photos!AHHHHH!!! *MELTS LIKE CRAZY* I TOTALLY LOVE HAEWOOK TTM!!! still got much much much more photos! ^^

today, mr lee left... D:like so sudden... i was like controlling myself not to cry sia! i mean he din even tell us anything!! D: thn the new teachers made us play some game, like write 3 things abt ourselves. thn after i wrote 2, which were "1. I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR 2. I LIKE DOGS" thn idk what to write for the third one. so i asked adrie what she wrote. so she was like telling me she wrote "1. I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR 2. I LIKE DOGS 3. I DUN FEEL LIKE STUDYING ANYMORE." thn i was like OMG! same sia! for the first 2. so when jermaine si was reading the first one thn everyone was like adriena... thn i asked her to read the third one and it's actually me! HAHA xD

kay, stop here. haven do hw! :X

rainbow-ed @7:07 PM
Wednesday, July 7, 2010 `

so awesome sia! Haha. Wookie was washing the car and got close up also!! AHHH!! *melts*
I like donghae playing with the rose. Haha

In the morning for lit, we had to go for the opal room cos yasmin got HFMD and they need to clean the room. At least there’s air con :D

After school, when me and germaine accompanied Adriena to the staff room to find some teacher, we saw mdm sia. So she was telling me and germaine to go down and help the lower sec cos the instructor late. But we didn’t luh. Thn out of random, Adriena asked “will she be the president?” in Chinese luh. Thn I was like “GO DIE LUH YOU!”  and mdm sia was shocked. Thn I was like opps! And we ran  away. Oppsiee!!

Thn me, Valerie and germaine were bored before guzheng so somehow, germaine called this person called ah gao? And ordered some chicken rice. Cos me and Adriena was using our phone to call thn she was like “since you all are using ur phone also, I shall use mine too” so she called ah gao? And me and Adriena ordered goguma (sweet potato) but that person only got blue one? O_O thn we were laughing like shit. After Adriena left, we still continued to play with that ah gao person. LOL! Thn he say got new stock of goguma but thn dun have violet one (which is the correct colour for a sweet potato) it was rather retarded.

During guzheng, yufeng called me 3 times when I was playing guzheng and only the third time, I picked up cos teacher was concentrating on the second row at that time :D

Okay, gonna do my stupid YOG crap now >< just gonna crap a lot a lot. Not like it’s counted and not like I wanna go to that weird thingy. So yea~

rainbow-ed @8:03 PM
Tuesday, July 6, 2010 `

i finished seoyong ep 13 wgm. now got nth to do... today, went library with diyanah. and was bored and smsed adriena thn J smsed me to ask if i going tuition, thn i smsed back luh. after that i just call him cos i scared my sms bao :X thn conversation was weird. i mean what's up with the bye bye thing man... thn i smsed adriena using diyanah's phone and tell her and she wrote a script for the whole 'movie' stupid sia!

adriena, the movie will not be produced. it will only remain as a script. haha xD if you wanna know more thn can ask me or adriena.

lol. now i'm watching the 三个女人,一个宝. damn retarded sia. opps, people breaking up there, i over here 幸灾乐祸 :X


rainbow-ed @9:16 PM
Monday, July 5, 2010 `

i shall do a very very short post uh.

went to jiayi's house today. most of  the time was quite slack cos we only need to translate the thingy? we ordered rite pizza for lunch! YUM! YUM! while waiting for the delivery guy to come, we were gossipping xD thn eat lunch. I LOVE MAYO CHICKEN!! it's so awesome luh. so must try kay? thank you alot charmaine, to recommand it :D after lunch, we made jiayi create a facebook account. MUAHAHA. and we added her brother and father. thn her brother came in and was like "jiayi, you added me on facebook?" haha xD and there's one time where we were talking abt red-bean-soup (ehem ehem luh) thn he knocked the door. thn we were like "omg! did he hear what we said?!" hopefully he didn't luh...

so, i was busy watching the 13 episodes of we got married by seohyun and yonghwa ♥ they look so cute tgt man. haha...

kang-in left for army today... D: kang-in, dun wry! we'll wait for you, my dear handsome raccoon, cos it's only 2 years! :D

rainbow-ed @8:04 PM
Thursday, July 1, 2010 `


사랑하는박정수 / 이특 ....

Seng il chook ha hamni da~~
Seng il chook ha hamni da~!
Sa rang ha nuen PARK JUNG SU / LEETEUK....
Seng il chook ha hamni da!!


leeteuk's part is in blue cos it's suju colour :D
yufeng so damn lucky lor. same birthday as leeteukie oppa!! *JEALOUS*

anyway, we wrapped yufeng's B I K I N I with many many many layers of newspapers xD and made her open all of them. thn we asked her to open the present. she was like we open for her. so we opend and threw it into her face xD. haha! like the whole class know that we bought bikini for her man. LOL!

thn recess that time, yufeng keep wanting to go up so we were like "sharon say she got smth to tell you" thn make her not go up. haha. thn sharon with the birthday cake! :D and we took abit of cream and put on her face. thn after she wash, yy threw on slice of cake on her face. haha! xD she has the same thing teukie man. haha,. teukie also got caked xD and he still did a dance after being caked. LOL!!

haha. so cute rights!!

today's lesson so slack man. geog talking abt holidays and the stupid adriena went to say abt my childhood friend in tuition. thn still wrote the name D: thn i was trying to correction tape it away,but thn they dun let me! D: so i said adriena's also. heh! thn like me, adrie and yt all have sia. thn we like WTH. so we say fair lor, cancel everyone's. but thn when germaine go up and present that time, still say that i went tuition with my good friend. and i was wacking adriena. MUAHAHAA!

thn science go lab :D chinese watched corner with love with valerie crystelo :D thn she like got damn lot of emotion sia. over there commenting "no!no! cannot do this! must do that!.." lol! and we were hugging the pigrabbit from you're beautiful that adriena gave yufeng for her birthday present! *JEALOUS AGAIN* I WANT THAT PIG RABBIT!!! ~

reached home slightly earlier (sadly) was doing my compo and accidentally fell asleep while doing science :X thn to prevent myself from falling asleep, i wrote suju names all over the paper over and over again :X

stupid yy and adrie >< made me go sch myself >< yy over there take taxi and adriena father fetch! yy told me that she'll be taking taxi tmr again. assholee!! adriena, you btr take the freaking bus. apparently, adriena is taking her nap now and is not replying my sms...

rainbow-ed @7:31 PM
Wednesday, June 30, 2010 `


gz practice, the er sheng bo was told to bring 10 gzs to the pond to practice ourselves o_o thn like the UG grps everywhere... the RCYs, NCCs, how to play sia! thn plus so damn hot leh. we are like sweating like crazyyy!!! like having sectionals under the stupid hot sun ><

thn finally, after one hour, our turn to go gz room and thn the yi sheng bu come out. but when they go out, it was like gonna rain alr? so i think not that hot. and awhile later, they came in and say gonna rain thn they come back into the gz room to enjoy air con liao. WTH!

thn these 2 sec 1s, they got promoted to yi sheng bu like straight away?! we the sec 2s, practiced the songs for at least a few months, thn they leh? one day? thn get promoted. what kind of shit is this man...

thn break time, after germaine just got her bread out from the vending machine, they say need go back liao. thn germaine have to chiong and eat like crazy. haha.

and thn intructor say must play the song with feeling thn must moving you hand gently and stuffs, thn got this person there uh, frying roti prata and playing at the same time sia. like playing thn randomly, she move her other hand. and plusmove in a damn weirdo way somemore. thn in front of teacher still wanna act like she very pro like that -.- thn after that the instructor was like "those who move their hand randomly just because of moving,it's not gonna work" [in chinese]. it's like talking abt herlor. HAHA!!!

dear nuer,yufeng and leeteukie, it's gonna be ur birthday soon! heh heh. yufeng, i know you dun read my blog, but just to warn you, you will get a shock when you see ur present from me, yy, anjelica and idk who. but it's just a prank uh. dun angy kay?

rainbow-ed @10:21 PM
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 `

today's assembly was damn awesome. cos mrs ouyang drag the whole thing until maths left only 10 mins! :D haha!xD MRS OUYANG, YOU ARE AWESOMEE!! :D

SUPER HAPPY THAT THERE'S NO HOMEWORK TODAY! :D but i fell asleep while my mum was talking on the phone. luckily i woke up before she hang up *PHEW!*

and i love nickhun and voctoria tgt! haha. can't wait for the next episode of 'we got married' and see them tgt. stupid adriena. why doi always fall for your influence?! D:

nth much happened today. so short post only :X

rainbow-ed @6:32 PM
Sunday, June 27, 2010 `

Germaine came to my hse today at 11 plus, redo art. ARGHH!! Nvr say properly lor. Thn made us redo. Give other classes the water colour paper also nvr give us ><. Thn finished at 2.30 :D teached germaine to play the beginning part of hua er hong, thn she go home at 3 :D

Videos time!

I think sunye and yoobin quite cute eh.. haha. Soohee is like so :/ always got that gong face. And donghae’s dance damn awesome lor!!  

rainbow-ed @5:04 PM
Friday, June 25, 2010 `

Sry for the long-time-nvr-post kinda thing. Cos I got like no time to post :X and now, idk where to start posting frm D:

Nvm, shall start from CIP!

Reached there, thn waited for yy to come cos apparently, my kiasu father, drove me there at 7.40 -.- when we are suppose to reach at 8. thn build sandcastles (AWESOMEE). Me, Hannah and yy was one team tgt with many other adults whom we dk at all :/ they gave us like one side of the sandcastle and say we can build anything luh. We spent a long time :X and the staircase is Hannah make de worh. Damn nice lor.

So lunch and everything, CC provided everything :O after lunch, we continued to touch up on our sandcastle! And like arnd 3 plus, one whole bunch of people came and we are suppose to teach them.And at the side I made 3 mini sandcastles then the bunch of people who came went to step on it. Like WTFF!! [fast forward] it started to rain... thn yy and Hannah still at the beach there slowly walking. And some elderly say yy is shao zhu (ROASTED PIGG) cos she got sunburn thn her whole face was red luh. HAHA xD after the rain stop, yy had the addiction of making trees. So I followed her to different groups to build trees. Haha! But my trees are nicer then her trees. HEH HEH xD

after everything, germaine’s parents send me to serangoon interchange and I bus-ed to my grandmother’s hse and fan girl with my cousin. YAY!

 Thn that day, I went to stay at my aunt’s hse. Like so shuangg. Reach there, use com, show my cousin suju vids :D until like 11 plus, then the small kids go sleep liao. Thn we and my cousin there watch tv, thn my uncle’s  com got this function, can watch movie for free. Thn we connect to tv and watch :D until 2 plus thn sleep.

And the next day 8 plus wake up le. Went to eat breakfast, watch tv (again) and my baby cousin woke up so I carried him illegally to my cousin’s room and play with him. HEH HEH :X and accidentally woke my other cousin up. I sound like got so many cousin sia. Haha. After that went to watch suju vids again with my cousin and then we go out ^^ and before going out, we were watching 转角遇到爱 on tv ^^ like so nice lor!! Thn now I watching cos like no more suju vids to watch thn I go watch show. Now I watching show, suddenly pop out so many suju vids to watch. ARGHHH!! Went to macs at night and my uncle was being crazy and teaching us how to eat a burger and fries. LOL! He was like : “first, put some curry sauce, thn add some chilli, mayonnaise and barbeque sauce...” thn my aunt was like “eat luh. Say so much!”  haha.

Oh, and I went to maine’s hse on wed :D because on mon, she became a SZB, threw my key downstairs and take away my wallet. Like wad’s her problem luh. Stupid.

And ryeowook so ke lian! He posted this :

24 years old... it seems good things and bad things come together
10.06.21 / 23:47
24 years old... still continuing on this journey with an unknown ending..
I am immensely ashamed and sorry that I just ran without looking back. 
My 24th birthday was a long day of blessings and laughter. 
I was looking at the letters I received on my 23rd birthday.. so many people love me like this...
But I had no idea and didn't pay attention... I'm so regretful..
The phone call I received from my dad had no happy birthday wishes... instead he told me that my grandmother has lung cancer and has only 6 months to live. 
To be honest I don't have any memories of my grandmother... I'm really an unfilial child..
I was a grandson who couldn't see her for 5 years..
I was a grandson who laughed and went on with my schedule even though my grandmother had just been hospitalized a week before. 
I should be running right now to hold my grandmother's hand one more time,,
I'm Ryeowook who can't smile at all the people wishing me happy birthday.
Thank you everyone~ Please pray for my grandmother.

He post this on his birthday. OMG luh. I was like damn xing tong! The wookie I know was nvr like this...

rainbow-ed @1:12 PM
Thursday, June 10, 2010 `



gah gah.
woman, stop nagging luh!

rainbow-ed @1:09 PM
Tuesday, June 8, 2010 `


more vids abt SUPER JUNIOR! ♥

donghae and his coke. LOLZXC!

and i shall blog about going to germaine's hse yesterday!

took 81 to serangoon mrt station and walked around alot.
P/S: i hate serangoon mrt station
damn big luh
and so complicated -.-

thn reach lorong chuan and thn called germaine and i waited for her at the exit and found out that i am at exit A and she's at exit B waiting for me -.- thn i go to exit B, i can't find her. cos apparently, she was walking to exit A (i think) LOL!! thn i told her i'm at the place where she is just now and we meet and go her hse. thn coloured thn when her parents and ginny went out, i was showing germaine super junior full house! xD and she was watchig it. MUAHAHA! thn did work and germaine survived many hours of watching korean vids and listening to korean songs! xD and we pranked adriena on fb also. like pretending that i was germaine. which the plan failed terribly D: cos adriena recognises germain's typing style. hai... thn 4 plus go home. and when germaine was bringing me to the gate, it was kinda drizzling. so re jogged (CEDAR JOGGING SESSION) lol! thn germaine told me to walk all the way to reach the bus stop. so i walked. thn i reach the bus stop, found out somehow, that bus direction doesn't go to serangoon interchange. and i dun wanna get lost, so i took mrt again to serangoon. thn i come out of serangoon that time, i found thati was at some weird exit that idk! :O so i walked inside again and try to find another exit. haii... i hate serangoon mrt station TTM!!

oh, and i realised, finally, a post about my day. cos previously, the post are on shows and super junior xD
and i am getting hooked on SJ-world. haha. got like 60 plus post alr? and i just joined last wednesday xD
so proud of myself xD

and got this fan fic wookie damn poor thing luh!
like wookie like kyuhyu (his room mate) but he didn't confess
and kyuhyu like sungmin (wookie's bestfriend)
and yesung like wookie (but he didn't confess also)

thn when kyuhyu and sungmin was tgt, wookie cried like crazy. i cried also :/
damn sad lor. hopefully, they can be tgt ♥

rainbow-ed @12:42 PM
Saturday, June 5, 2010 `

my friend got the freaking ticket for super junior showcase tmr!!!
gd for her lor....
i feel damn jealous sia...
i asked her to take more pictures!! xD
i came across pictures of wookiee!
gosh luh. i'm melting here!!
can't stand the hotness and cuteness of him sia!! xD

damn cute right?!?!?!?!
i love yewook ♥ xD

rainbow-ed @3:52 PM

hehehehehe. so long nvr post :X
i was busy obsessing over suju and even have no time to go online and fb :X
anyway, post some vids here! :D

wookie went crazy xD

and suju full house:


they dun let me post here. so giv link only.
wait, got luh. but is chinese de. so... just watch uhh.
damn funny

must watch kayy? damn funnyyyy

rainbow-ed @9:27 AM
Sunday, May 30, 2010 `

watch it. it's damn awesome!!!

this one watch 7mins onwards. ryeowook pronounce chinese. haha! damn cute sehh!!

oh, and adriena became my gf cos yesterday i called her and her aunt and cousin say i her bf. so be it (:


rainbow-ed @1:28 PM
Saturday, May 29, 2010 `


SUJU TOP THE K-CHART AGAIN! for the second time!! YAYY!!!

lazy upload the vid here. u allkpop see if you are interested xP

and those who sms me and i dun reply, not that i ignore u or smth. but cos my sms bao alr. i spent my last 10 smses on adrie talking on suju :X

so ya, you can sms me luh. i'll call you when i see the sms lor.

friday was damn slack day. during geog, el and chinese, me and adriena was watching mystery 6 :O yufeng joined sometimes. like omg luh. poor donghae! thn there was this time where kanging was locked in the recording room by himself thn got blackout! :O thn the door was locked frm inside o.o and he couldn't unlock it! :O thn dear wookie was trying to 'save' him frm the ouside. but still cannot! only until the blackout is over thn can :O thn when they taking picture, ryeowookie found that there was this woman standing beside kangin! :O like so freaky...

still got another one is like this guy bathing thn he wanna smoke thn saw the reflection frm the lighter thn got this same woman behind him! OMG luhh. that part i watch at home thn i dun dare watch le. i scared sia. but wei le suju, i'm watching that show.

and i can't find ep 11 onwards of the ehb! D: can someone help me find??? i seriously need to watch...

rainbow-ed @2:07 PM
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 `

sry for the super dead blog. cos i was watching 恶作剧之吻 and 恶作剧2吻 xD!

it's damn awesome kayy. awesome until i can fail so many subjects xD

shall not talk abt my 'wonderful' results here heh! not like it will spoil my mood luhhs. like dun feel like yea... whn i feel like thn post xD

so currently like into suju songs! :D i <3 the new album OMFG! it's damn awesommeeee....

changed the songs on the blog. but still got some more to add. but my papa asking me go slp ler. so nxt time thn add (:

and big note to adriena chee:
u are responsible for me being interested in suju and falling for ryeowookie. shitass. germaine is gonna kill me :X AND i am NOT abandoning my dear LZX for ryeowook kay! both i also want xD

okay, reply tags time :

shaoyu hello(: tagged, hahaa ;D iloveshowluo<3 hehe, xP
> same same luhhs ILOVESHOWLUO TOO!<33

>lol! idk luh. i forget le xD

[❤려욱] ADRIENA تoh and nenvermind about your chinese uh! your other subs sure do better de pro-er :] HEH, i am MUCH WORSER than you -.- SO JY FOR CT TOO! LOVES (:
>er... adriena uh, the results come out show that u btr than me for everything lehhs. just that lit and science we same same xD

k Hi Eunice (: Jiayou for chinese ok ! Got next time! Not the end! :D
>hah. thanks!

S3K1Hi! Tagged, gotta tag me back again! How was guzheng when I am not around?
>okok. gz suck luh. without u. i so bored lor... nobody to talk to other than u-know-who which u know i obviously din talk to her xD

> HI maine.so many lehs uh?

Seki neh!Heeeeeeellllllooooo, you watching whut show?
>恶作剧之吻 and 恶作剧2吻 <3 damn awesome wor!

>OF COS I WANT TO KISS LZX AND RYEOWOOK xD not what u thinking luh.

[❤려욱] ADRIENA تyo womannnn. tagged. jiayoous for EYE okay ^^ and tag me back :D BTW WOOKIE IS HOTTTTTTT AHAHAHAHAH
>I KNOW!!!! RYEOWOOKIEEE IS FREAKING HAWTT! <3 see luh, u get me addicted le.

finally replied all the tags. RAWRRR

rainbow-ed @10:34 PM
Monday, May 17, 2010 `

finished watching the show yesterday but no time to blog :X

shall blog now. finished the 30-ep show in 4 days. actually can say 3 days cos friday din watch...but anyway, kida watching the part 2 (can't resist the temptation) but i din watch too much so wun get hooked on part 2 as much yet. chionging my history today. arghh...

rainbow-ed @7:09 PM
Sunday, May 16, 2010 `

100th post! [on this blog]

so long no post :X

cos got CTs and stuffs and busy watching show! ♥

恶作剧之吻! damn nice sia! ZS so cute but thn not when he got curly hair. lol...

damn damn nice. i just finished ep 24 and i started 3 days ago. hehe^^ suppose to study de :X

just saying the show damn damn damn nice!! must go watch!!

no time to reply the tags. reply another day! byee. off to watch my show. and p/s i still got study one hor... just not as much cos i wake up at 6 plus watch thn after that do some work thn dun feel like doing thn watch lor ^^

dun even hav time to go online. hehe...

WOOHOO! ltr got terriyaki chicken for dinner again! cos mum going work. so left me and my sis at home at night nia...

rainbow-ed @5:07 PM
Friday, May 7, 2010 `

a few days nvr blog ler...okay thn, i shall blog
Wednesday 5 May 2010
got nth leyy. only rmb slacking wif megan after sch until gz start.

Thursday 6 May 2010
got EL compre TA. was falling asleep while doing and i finished it in like 30 mins? lol. cos ZeQi say almost got no time finish thn i chionged the whole thing with my messy handwriting. LOL!

thn was going frm science lab to class that time, walking thru all the sec 3 classes thn looking inside thn dunno which class, suddenly, mr chen appear. woa sehh. scary sia.thn i was like okay... thn turn and walk. thn adriena was like OMG eunice! i'm like i know!! and she say until damn damn loud lor. LOL!

thn i was at home thn after that the exercise there got alot of noise and screamings shouting. thn i'm like which idiot screaming like that?! like so pissed lor. cos it's damn loud. frm 7 floor also can hear sia. thn i go my balcony look down. thn i see blue ppl. and it's actually clare, hui yee and carine in their sch uni. WL! if they not in sch uni at least btr right?! po huai our ming sheng

Friday 7 May 2010
happy anniversary muffin! ^_^

sprayed half of germaine's skirt and yy sprayed the rest of the skirt and the shirt.

rainbow-ed @7:31 PM
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 `

now i listen radio and do hw also cannot =.= u say wait till u get A luhh. walao i really feel like telling you "i got A1 for maths, science and history leyy" but forget it. thn now u are going to say that i fail my chinese and wan take back my fone le. i knew it _|_

rainbow-ed @9:49 PM

whatever! shut up u stupid woman. the drama lesson today by mr frith was so useful. i feel like saying everything that the whole class said. seriously. WTF?! what will ur parents say when i failed ur chinese?

1)work harder next time!
2)dn worry, at least u tried ur best.
3) [scold u]

my mum wanted to celebrate. asshole la she. this is called silent killing can... she was like damn sacrastic. assholeeeee! walao i rather u scold me, beat me up, kill me or wateva that to say all those lor. u think i dun wan do well isit?! i'm trying now. but it's a fact that i suck in chinese. what can i do? i'm memorising the things u asked me to memorise now. when i din memorise, u say i din memorise  -.- when i memorised, you said i was forced into it. WTF?! thn wad's the difference between not studying and studying?! i get the same results. thn why did i bother to waste my energy to study?!?!?!? wateva, i have to score btr nxt time ad show u wad i'm made of. thou, it hard, but i'll try.

P/S i'm not emoing. just venting my anger abt tat asshole (: cos idk how to be emo. i dunno how to cry over my results cos it's very expected.

rainbow-ed @5:49 PM
Monday, May 3, 2010 `

slept at 12 plus am yesterda (to be exact, today early morning) to do chinese and woke up at 9am today.thn adriena supposed to come at 10 thn she came at 11 >_< wow. and hui xia reached the earliest. thn was playing her itouch cos nth to do cos all the things with adrie o_o" thn they reached and start doing stuffs and yy over there chao chao chao. arghhh i regretted letting her come sia. only when she using com thn she shut up -.- but thn she only used it after lunch cos my mum need to use com for work. thn after she come chao again -.- thn after that yy, adrie and germaine left for their eEL project and abandoned me , yan lin and hui xia to do the deco of the things. we have to decorate like 30 plus pages sia. thn used 2 hours thn finally finished.

thn i faster chionged to bathe thn rush down for tuition. supposed to meet my friend to go tuition tgt thn she forgot tht got tuition -.- so i went myself. thn blahblahblah. thn got this fat guy frm this P5 class de la. thnafter that we are like talking abt him. LOL! he's totaly like XXXXXL can.... thn he's tuition friend come liao thn he keep talking to her thn teacher was saying “你啊,每次看到她就忍不住..."  lol! thn my whole class started bursting out laughing can... thn the guy in my tuition sec 2 de was like saying hormones too strong. LOL! thn both guys (sec 2 and P5) sit side by side some more. damn contrasting sia.... like super contrasting. thn after tuition my father sent my friend and the guy back home. and i'm here now blogging. LOL! 

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Sunday, May 2, 2010 `

Friday 30 April 2010
morn, me and anjelica ditched yy and went our own ways xD reached thn couldn't find the class so walked to the end thn come back -.- thn while waiting, camwored (uploaded on FB) thn run... which i ran only for 1km thn the rest walked ^_^ LOL... thn we walk walk walk thn found out we are the last few :O thn start running abit thn walk again. hehe...

after that went to bedok with germaine and yasmin took 69 straight to the interchange. thn we looking for place to change to went to the mrt station thn we walked from one side of the underground to the other side also cannot find -.- thn walked back and decided to go KFC change. thn we waited damn long outside thinking that the person fainted or smth. lol. thn wait wait wait. thn the person finally come out. thn got this ah ma waiting behind us and we let her go first ^_^ see we so nice xD thn when i went in, the toilet is like freaking freaking small can... like wow... damn pathetic -.- but anw, just changed. thn germaine changed only her shirt. so she was wearing like her shirt and sch skirt. lol. thn yasmin wore her EL shirt and jeans. why all wear sch stuffs de?! 0.0 thn we ate at KFC ^_^ and in the end germaine can't finish. cos we ordered cheese fries also. and she din even finish her own set. and i was left to eat all the cheese fries D: so fattening sia! OMG. but i din finished it also lah. thn we went taking pictures. walk here walk there. so tired sia. i shall upload the photos here at the end of the post. i took 56 pics on germ's fone! haha! yiting, i won u by 1 photo. LOL!

walked walked in bedok and somehow walked to bedok library and i din know it was there. haha.

after that yasmin left early so me and germaine wanted to look for a place to seat but we can't find. we actually went to the children's section and it's really children sia... the chairs and tables all so small de! haha. thn we felt so embarrassed so faster went down. hehe. thn go my hse. uploaded to photos into com thn downloaded pics and songs into germaine's fone thn send to my fone ^_^ cos my fone dun hav the cable.. hehe... we are supposed to do art and ended up watching annoying orange. LOL! thn she 430 like thn thn go home. WOW! she stayed for 3 hrs. haha...

Saturday 1 May 2010
i was cycling home and saw WJ. like WTF?! i was cycling thn this person staring at me o.o thn i turned at the bus stop and is WJ. WTH right?! and i recognised him la. so confirmed. i can only tell u it was damn creepy and it totally freaked me out. like u din expect to see the person thn suddenly, u saw him. i was FREAKED OUT. thn ltr i tell adrie and yy that time they were like wth?! that's my first time seeing him la. but thn i can recognised frm the FB photos. and obviously dun wanna take a second look. and yy found a new toy now. LOL!

Sunday 2 May 2010
tuition and found out my tuition teacher is also going for the adidas sundown marathon thingy. LOL! as in he's running la. like woa 42 km ley... thn they wan participate still must pay 70 bucks?! LOL!

okay, photos on friday bedok thingy:

arghhhh i can't upload it. blogger got prob D: nvm. another day ba

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Thursday, April 29, 2010 `

omg. according to many weather forecast that i checked, they say it will rain tmr. i wan it to rain thn no need run. but i dun wan it to rain cos my grp need to go bedok do art. so i think dun rain btr bahhh...

and it was like still so sad when i walked into the canteen and see so many seniors! D:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and to _ _: just shut ur big mouth up luhhs. adriena be coordinater u jealous also no need like that rights?! btr thn u, shen me dou bu shi. lousy piece of shit la. adriena, dun wry, i'll stand by you (: dun other abt that freaking asshole. just know that u are a coordinator and the only exco member in the whole sec 2 and be proud of it. kayy?? JIAYOUS! be president next year arh... if i'm in CL, thn i'll giv u the max numberof votes (which is 1 :X) zhong shi i'll support u till the end jiu dui le :D

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

rainbow-ed @7:02 PM
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 `

"Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."
i spammed germaine's inbox with 31 of my mails during history ^_^ germaine, rmb dun delete arhh! and dun forget to dedicate 1 blog post for me! ^_^ and i was sleeping during lit. hehe. like really sleeping. hehe... then had TOP. quite fun bahh... sry megan, for my bony butt. hehe. and yy was rapping ppl like unbuckling anjelica's bra and she had a hard time trying to put it back. sicko yingying.

after sch go arrange gz. thn the sec ones go in there and talk talk -.- nvr help lor. ass. thn still blocking.
had the voting for new exco (:
after that got FAREWELL D:
i was hoping that she doesn't come lor thn i wun be as sad... but she came. so i shall face it.
ate first. the sec ones ate the cake that sec 3s baked for the sec 4s -.- so greedy lor. piggies. thn the sec 1s there happily eating eating. walao. like go there eat free food like that. WTF!thn go in gz room and so won hugged me! :D and thn vernadine,sherlyn and hui ju cried.i almost lor. thn i swallowed my tears D:
thn it was like so sad la can. i sit right at the back of the class thn practising tht time, in front so many ppl missing! D:
i hate looking at those empty seats! D:
ILY, sec 4s!                  
all the best
and i'll miss you guys. 
 i miss u guys scolding us. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
♥ i will miss you turning arnd and telling me and ze qi not to talk.
♥i will miss you and ur beautiful smile
♥ i will miss you and ur encouraging words.
♥ i will miss you being so strict to us but we know deep in our hearts that it was for our own gd. 
♥ i will miss you trying not to scold us.  
♥i will miss you.
rmb to go online after o-levels kay? 
i'll definitely chat wif u :D 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥♥♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

and congrats adriena, for being the only sec 2 in the exco and being the coordinator! xD
three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for adriena! HIP-HIP-HOORAY! HIP-HIP-HOORAY!HIP-HIP-HOORAY! ♥

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010 `

hai.. so long nvr post :X

Thursday 22 April 2010
NAPFA. 2.4km run D: my timing was 13.30mins :D hah! clare, i'm faster than you :D >< i walked at the length of the track for 3 round :/ cos ppl in front of me walking, thn i damn tempted mah. hehe. but nvm, i got A can le.
after sch adrie and me go meet jocelyn at white sands to pass her the guzheng tickets. thn she come my hse. surpose to do chinese proposal de. thn in the end, started watching vids while my mum talking on the fone ^_^ thn after that she say wan go library. lol. thn we din do anything in the end (:
at night, chiong to drive 6 to buy gz shoes. see on is like either the heels very high, if not, is no heels, or not nice -.- thn go another shop luckily found a shoe lor. pheww...

Friday 23 April 2010
went for guzheng prac during jogging (: and adrie they all told me something happened o.o scary sia...
after sch got guzheng prac. thn reach home almost 7. my tuition starts at 7.30! thn chionged to bathe thn eat. thn 15 mins chiong to tuition which is at sengkang -.- thn 10 plus thn tuition end. i was like damn tired so was quite quiet during tuition which is a miracle. thn the teacher was explaining this vocab that means bird. thn the teacher say niao. thn i over there ren cos got 1 guy mah. thn laugh will be like so bad like that. thn who knows, the guy actually burst out laughing the most and loudest. LOL!

Saturday 24 April 2010
got tuition in the morning. ended at 1. thn my father send me to sch. reach arnd 1.30. thn practice, blahblah. the ban gz up. and rehearsed. thn dinner. it was like not much la. just like meat, tofu, egg and veg. thn go up that time saw mr chen o.o thn change and ze qi help me put make up. thn during the performance, i was like totally scared that i'll play wrongly cos the mike is near me. thn play damn soft thn nian qin can't hear me. hehe... thn backstage, took off the stupid shoes and walked arnd. lol. thn got the CL thing. thn we go curtain call cut cake ^_^ thn we wanna change in order to ban our gz to gz room (sheng lao shi ask us to) thn once we open the door thn the CL teacher was like "你们要做什么?!你们要做什么?!" WTH. sound like we want to steal smth or wad lor. ppl change nia mah. cannot arh... thn after that, my aunt send us back. thn i was eating supper (bread lol!) and watching down with love thou i watch finish liao la. thn received sms frm so won. she so sweet lor! but they stepping down alr D:
Well done today everyone! Although there still is room for improvement, i think it was super! Thank you everyone for all your tremendous effort and sacrifice. Hope you guys attend every session with such willingness to learn in the future as well. And not forgetting  sense of ownership for your cca. I really appreciated every moment with you guys in cedar gz. Thank you for making the past one year great for me. love you guys. Muaks :) oh and study hard for the exams!
so nice right she? xD

Sunday 25 April 2010
chinese tuition at 1.

Monday 26 April 2010
chinese tuition at 5 (again) cos JJ pulled me there -.- and i can't believe that i so nice and went tuition with him. we read some gong han and wrote 1 gong han and took abt 2 hrs. hehe xD cos we keep talking :X

arghh...i'm so tired of ur one word reply -.-
half day thn go ws and eat mac! :D thn my mum suddenly appeared out of nowhere and said hi o.o LOL!
thn go library study awhile.
thn go mac eat ice cream :D
thn go home :D
talked to jiayi on the phone for some time cos she's bored. lol.
actually today got chinese tuition [again] but thn the guy cannot go so i'm not going! and my mum just reminded me abt the thermometer test :X

oh, and my awesome LZX's concert all sold out liao lor! xD fast man! ♥

P/S sry for the kinda long post xD

rainbow-ed @5:52 PM
Wednesday, April 21, 2010 `

woahpiang, damn tired can?!

i'm very pissed until dun feel like blogging le

like totally no energy

i am mentally, physically drained out 
i am tired
i give up...
...on everything
i don't care anymore
and i got screwed over and over by everyone
can i just heck next time?
let somebody else do the caring
because frankly, i am tired
and the whole planet sucks
i really feel like crying now

when u only got 4 hours plus of slp last night and guzheng up till 6 and when u reach home, do hw, projects.
more projects.
and plus the nonstop lectures frm my mum

and the stupid WJ with no time to take the tkts. walao asshole la you. no time liao still wasted my money.

i dun giv a damn liao.

and dunno which freak tell me mum abt the facebook the how many percent happy thing which is computer generated?! and my mum say is ityped that myself de. walao! and pls luh, my cousin using my acct. can?!

with some one so close to you, someone u trust so much and she dun believe you

and i can't believed that i actually am crying after venting my anger.

sry, i seriously cannot take it.

tell me, someone, why will i land in this state?!

rainbow-ed @9:28 PM
Tuesday, April 20, 2010 `

i shall blog.

cos very sian. just finished history.

stayed back to collect the newspapers thing.
cos we walk walk walk thn see mrs tan thn she ask us to do :/

thn do lor.
go every single class and take! :X sweat like hell
thn when i returning the boxes back to the sec 3 classes, it was like 5 sia! how to take. so weird. lol. thn wee ming saw me, thn she come help me! so nice right she!! thanks lots wee ming!
thn sec 4s so enthu lor. got damn lot. thn they sec 4 some more. so high upp. thn like woa... thn 4C and 4H got the most. very neat also! ^_^ 4C was like woa. their green rep very enthu according to joy. and they got this whole stack of magazine that they din distribute to the class and just put there. LOL! thn got one whole stack of colour paper! like WOW!! thn we using it for yiting's grp i think.
thn 4H used the big box! thn we cannot carry lor. thn the seniors helped us carry the big box. HEHE!

thn we got 1.5 CIP hours! OH yea! likewe din expect to get them. but mrs tan offered i think? and she also offer to treat 6 of us (jiayi, me, yy, anjelica, charmaine and diyanah) lunch! WOOHOO! after all, i dun regret doing it. cos got CIP! and free treat (hopefully she keep her promise!)

and the class i took, 1A, was like :D theyare the only class that started doing the recycling corner! :D jiayou 1A! thn 1C and 1H we wrote onthe board to refill markers and clean whiteboard. 1C, they got clean after that and left out note there which was like correct la! thn 1H, they clean everything on the board including our note =.=" and thn draw something else there -.- and they want to recycle bottles but they din watch sia! like EWWW...

but overall, it was great! like all the newspapers collected from all classes filled up the whole newspaper recycling big bin! WELL DONE!

rainbow-ed @8:59 PM

this song also very nice! ^_^

咸鱼 by 黄靖伦 also (:

lazy to find the lyrics :/

shall post another day.

got alot of things to do

i want die le

art PPT (the whole thing?!?!?!), history, science, maths and i forgot to bring maths 1 back. wow... slept at 11.30pm yesterday. i think today 12am liao lor. i wan die le D:

still need study for thermometry test D:

rainbow-ed @7:03 PM
Monday, April 19, 2010 `

yo. getting bored downloading the flash. thn i was looking through my music files and found this song somehow... lOL~
and i think it's nice :D

心碎雨 by 黄靖伦

開始是像被刀劃過 就算痛也不算什麽
癡呆眼神有些落魄 人潮中期待些什麽

I don't know I can't feel
I m so lonely 你聽見了嗎 (你聽見了嗎)

每當一再而再地想起 那甜蜜的小插曲
腦袋就會不自禁抗拒 又思念你的情緒
可是寂寞有時太清晰 心碎雨
將我的心一點一點點 散去

每當耳際一再地響起 你離開後的回音
視線就會不經意逃避 笑容背後的同情
還剩這個空蕩的軀體 心碎雨
將我的心一點一點點 變成雨滴

開始是像被刀劃過 就算痛也不算什麽
瘦了些顯得很落魄 人潮中擁擠為什麽

I don't know I can't feel
I m so lonely 你聽見了嗎 (你聽見了嗎)

每當一再而再地想起 那甜蜜的小插曲
腦袋就會不自禁抗拒 又思念你的情緒
可是寂寞有時太清晰 心碎雨
將我的心一點一點點 散去

每當耳際一再地響起 你離開後的回音
視線就會不經意逃避 笑容背後的同情
還剩這個空蕩的軀體 心碎雨
將我的心一點一點點 變成雨滴

每當一再而再地想起 那甜蜜的小插曲
腦袋就會不自禁抗拒 又思念你的情緒
可是寂寞有時太清晰 心碎雨
將我的心一點一點點 散去

每當耳際一再地響起 你離開後的回音
視線就會不經意逃避 笑容背後的同情
還剩這個空蕩的軀體 心碎雨
將我的心一點一點點 變成雨滴


and i think most of his songs are nice ba.
and dun ask me why my blog dun hav EL songs (if u noticed) cos i think chinese songs are nicer and is more meaningful :D

rainbow-ed @10:04 PM

in sch now.


shit. need close everything do flash -.-

stupid flash.

rainbow-ed @12:41 PM
Thursday, April 15, 2010 `

tmr got EYD!

i'm wearing black!!:D
now i'm having a more bad feeling abt it.
fone repair until thurs thn get back.
but meeting on thurs
how to contact?
i got super bad feeling abt it can
what will happen to the money like that?!

today PE got 2.4.i dun run ^^
thn do recording one. yufang so crazy lor...
run so fast.
i only there reading the number and val oh write down.
adrie was like quite pro thn after that she walk.
wth?! for first 3 rounds she top 5 de lehh,
thn walk. everyone was screaming at her can.
tsk.tsk. adriena

in the end she only need 18 more seconds to reach A.
see la! if you use the walking to jog, you can can A liao la. tsk.tsk.

i must jiayou for 2.4 le! must by faster than you-know-who.

rainbow-ed @7:23 PM
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 `


also not like it's my problem that you got sick right?!
you sick so? you sick u da pai arh?! everyone must see ur mood isit?! our class so many ppl sick also nvr like that. you so scared dun come sch la!
tsk.wateva la. i wun waste time on ppl like you.

i haven do homework!!!
i just came home and eat and bathe finish nia. thn 8 plus le D:
i still got ying yong wen (which idk how to do), maths (alot idk how to do),ke tang zuo ye.
it's gonna take me so super long to do it ltr. maybe slp at 12 or smth D:

i tell you, i can just die now!
so many freaking problems sia.
guzheng ( i can't play well)
the situation i am in now (adrie knows) and i got a bad feeling abt it
house things
you think i superwoman or smth isit?!
come home so late can do so many things mehh?!
u think so easy, u do la!
i seriously just feel like not caring abt anything now.
ming ming jiu si called threatening me with my guzheng shoes,
but you call it encouragement.

eyy, you know the difference anot?!
threatening : to announce as intended or possible
encourage: : to spur on
you say " if u dun memorize finish this this this by this this this day, i wun buy guzheng shoes for you.
helloo?? this encouragement arh?!
sry, i din know you were that stupid.

you think so easy you come do la!
1 whole book of shou ce 2A and more than 300 chinese proverbs. by next thurs. you tell me la?! reasonable anot?!
you have totally no understanding of what school life is like now.
you compare me wif other ppl.
pls la. diff kayy?
i feel like just camping in sch and not going home.

i am going to wash my hands off everything.
including the mess that yingying just created for me.
yingying, you create the mess, you clean it up.

rainbow-ed @8:13 PM
Tuesday, April 13, 2010 `

sick! D:

suddenly got fever sia, 38.6?!

today mr lee show the jack neo broken english conference. stupid TTM!

watch it! :

I really dunno if i should trust you...

rainbow-ed @6:26 PM
Sunday, April 11, 2010 `

oh yah, forgot to post abt some things.

Thursday 08/04/10
had Napfa ._. which sucks.
SBJ: D ; 154 cm (omg, it sucked. but at least got alot of improvement)
Shuttle Run: B ; 11.6 ( D: so lan sia...)
Incline Pull-up: D ; 8 (:D improvement of 5! )
Sit and reach: D ; 34cm (omg. it totally sucked ttm!)
Sit Ups : A ; 32! (Finally an A thou this is the last station :D )

cannot get gold le. :D but nvm. at least got silver.

next thurs got 2.4km D: need to jiayou lerhs...

during recess went for guzheng prac so buy popcorn chicken to eat in class :X

after sch go watch volleyball C div' match.
cedar vs nanyang. and mentioned early in the earlier post, cedar won! :D

Friday 09/04/10
skipped jogging for guzheng :D

nth much that happened. guzheng ended at 4.30 that day! :D cos monday got extra of 3 hours practice, which i am not going cos got tuition ;D

thn go for tuition and was talking so finish my gong han very late :X last few to pass up :X so i actually crapped the whole thing. HAHA!

rainbow-ed @4:35 PM

can people come for guzheng night??

we are playing 7 nice nice songs in total.

it's combined with CL.

like different performances but on the same night.

we put in damn lot of effort kay?

so must come arhh??


20bucks for public
10 bucks for cedarians, ex-cedarians, and 5 ppl from the same sch.

meaning like if got 5 ppl from the same sch go, thn the tickets will be 10 bucks each instead of 20 bucks.

aww, sick D:
yesterday suddenly got cough.
thn go ah ma hse, suddenly got fever o.o
but still going to sch :D

rainbow-ed @1:39 PM
Thursday, April 8, 2010 `



i've been feeling high ever since cheering. haha

like so scary man.

nanyang won 2 matches out of the first 3 D:

thn we suddenly catched up or smth, thn won the 2 remaining matches :DDD

thn like we win, alot of ppl go there hug them sia!

thn sing song sch, cheer cheer. WOOHOOO!!!



rainbow-ed @8:35 PM
Wednesday, April 7, 2010 `

another gone case similar to yingying's just happened.
and i'm like wth-ing now.
but luckily not so scary sia
cos yy worse than me ;P

crapped and screwed music test today. thn stupid was like blocking all the way?!!!
wateva! i dun giv a damn anymore

today got guzheng rehearsal.
move the things up and down until i was practially dripping! AHHHHH!!! thn like these 2 juniors brought the guzheng up by themselves and i was like damn scared anything happened to it! HAHA! thn go auditorium practice practice. it was like freezing there? LOL!thn past by limelight mahhs, thn i saw jiayi and laura dancing. HAHA! thn after practice saw adriena's crazy junior. they helping us take the jia zi and one of the CL sec 1 hold jia zi thn din know guzheng was at the side. thn bang into the guzheng -.- lucky nth happen. HAHA!

and everyday during recess/ jogging must go practice. meaning like on non-jogging days, i'll hav to miss recess and seniors miss jogging. and on jogging days, i can miss jogging :D and seniors miss recess
WOHHOOO!! can miss joggingg...!! ~~~

thn run up run down ban guzhengs back again. thn arrange arrange thn practice. thn got my costume and it was like freakin' long. i got wear sports shoes lehh, thn still over the floor. OMG! thn my heels have to be kinda high? NOO!!

Date: 24/04/10 (saturday)
Price: $10 for cedarians or like 5 ppl frm the same sch (not cedar). if less than 5 from other sch, $20. public, also $20.
Venue: Cedar Girls Secondary School Plush! Auditorium.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO! i seriously dun wanna perform to nobody.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010 `

AHHH! why is my blog dead?!! nobody tag derhs! D: nvm. anyway,

i spent my gd friday very very wisely yesterday! :D ♥
went to M&M! waited for yy at pasir ris mrt station at 10 plus. thn buy lunch for later and thn buy slurpee!
thn walk to my hse there the bus stop. reach my hse downstairs that time, go up and take money to lend her-.-
thn take bus and that stupid yy only keep drinking my slurpee thn dun wan help me hold my things!! and made me fall in the bus -.- thn after a few stops alight. thn walk all the way in. woa seyy, very far ley. thn go play with mika they all cos ah boon no time thn cannot walk dogs. at first, i was so freaked out by all the dogs. thn after that okay le.girlgirl so cute!!
thn go kennel 1 cos they let the jack russel out ( it can bite!) thn i was playing with bailey at kennel 1 thn xiao min join me and stuffs. thn idk why he suddenly bite me! D: thn after that go one corner and show off all his teeth. OMG! damn scary can. thn me and xiao min also dun dare go out cos he at the gate there! D: but luckily nth la. no wound only red mark nia. :D
thn lunch thn play with dogs. blahblah.
thn 4 plus took taxi down to hougang with yy and sharon to pass the woman the kittens. taxi fare was 10 plus bucks! D: thn after tt ask my uncle to send us back cos he very nice! :D yy and sharon enjoying the lorry behind wind and everything.LOL!

currently watching tokyo juliet which is a kinda long ago show. but nvm. still quite nice la.


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Monday, March 29, 2010 `

need to go to new seating arrangement tmr! D:!

Charmaine table partner:
i will miss ur nonsense and rubbish during lessons
and doing other homework during maths. HAHA!
will also miss doing grp work with you and stuffs!
i will miss you talking abt voldemort. haha
and throwing of eraser at megan to get her turn around.
ohh, and borrowing my maths books.haha!
you can still ask me for my maths books since we are in the same row! :D

i will miss ur sudden highness
and ke tang zuo ye filled with meanings
and ur sweet box!!
and sharing drinks with me

i'll also miss you for turning around to borrow my maths stuffs
and also ur turing arnd for gossips. HAHA!

okay, abt there lerhs.
i haven go maths HW! OH NO!

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Good morning yesterday, You wake up and time has slipped away. Suddenly it's hard to find, the memories you left behind, Remember, do you remember?

just saw this quote somewhere. it's cool. and found many other quotes also. shall post somemore in other posts.
NTH happened today DIAOZXC.
art that time, me and yy were msn-ing each other and we suddenly feel very high trying to match k and w tgt. haha!


typing every word in CAPSZXC and ending with ZXC. haha it was funn

thn art need to copy this picture. mine was like the easiest? haha! like seriously, easier frm other ppl de.

thn went home with diyanah and her friend. and i saw angie at the bus stop thn pangseh diyanah. OPPSIE! but nvm luh, she got her friend. thn saw hui yee at macs while diyanah was buying her double chocolate frappe which ROCKSZXC! thn helped hui yee carry her food up. thn i go pack my own food. NASI LEMAK! it RAWKSZXC thou it's only 2 bucks :DD CHICKEN WINGSZXC!!♥

thn tuition teacher scolded this girl who didn't understand but was drawing there. was seriously damn scary sia. first time see he scold ppl until lyk tt. he tored the girl's PAPER! LIKE OMGZXC!like i was actually somewhat dozing off thn he scold, i just like become super awake. damn damn scary...

and i haven his homework... which is due long time ago. i mean like no one finished la. 5 exam-paper and 2 sets of algebra qns and prob sums. GOSH! i'm gonna die...

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Sunday, March 28, 2010 `

you stupid freak ass!
you think i so free isit?!
you don't believe wad i say
so wad's the point of asking me anything?!
whenever is say smth which is true,
you wouldn't think that it is.
you will give some crap reply and saying that you didn't believe me
so wad's the point!?
tell me?!
you say you wanted to giv me this and that but after that dun wan
how do i believe that it's true?!
you always say that i did nothing
you didn't see it
and you blame me
i seriously cannot trust you now
i actually feel better with my friends around.
not you.
i often feel that i'm closer to my friends than you!
you weren't there when i did this and that
so wad can i do?
only agreeing with everything you said that is totally untrue!
i hate this life.
instead, i feel happier with my friends.
i tried.
you didn't see it!
what's the point?!
and there will be peace again
that was what you said...
i often wondered if it was really from ur heart...

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Thursday, 25/03/10
rmbr i say i got super powers last time?
it happened again on thurs (i forgot to blog abt it)
like i was telling germaine
"we will go to the com lab ltr for geog"
G "really arh?!"
E "no lah..."

thn after a while...

Mrs Tan "2I, go to the DOT lab"
i'm like gosh! my super powers happen again!

but in the end go moonstone room instead of DOT(.) lab ._.
but thn moonstone room got sofa sia!! nice nice

after sch, went for D&T and at night was facobooking and i can't believe she like that also can angry sia. like so... -.-
diyanah papa sent me bak after tt.
and i chatted with some random person who idk on msn. LOL! and i was like 'cheated'. LOL!

Friday, 26/02/10
nth much. mr lee came back!! :DDD
but he say he might not teach us!! cos he's lesson is gonna reduce by half cos he cannot take stress and things like that.
but he say he got a feeling that he'll still teach us! :DD
during assembly, was itouch-ing with VYY.chatting with random ppl on facebook who dun reply us -.-

PTM was stupid...

chiong to tuition and found out the more ppl are later than me -.-

Saturday 27/03/10
GINO (my cousin) so clever lor. can sit on his own and play le :D
and went for wedding dinner at night. reach home freakin late cos the diner only starts at 9pm?! haha
at first, in the morning i was suppose to be the bridesmaid but thn i dun wan so my cousin go lor.

bye... tag moreeee

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Friday, March 26, 2010 `

leg got muscle ache like crazy.
lucky i only do shuttle run and SBJ lorhs.
cos do sit up got stomach pain,
do incline got back pain.
woa, everyone also pain sia.
can't run during jogging
PTM was stupid.

chionged to tuition.
friendship is like shit sometimes.
people might be xiao qi
people might be very da fang
i dun giv a damn
i wun bother to savage it.
dun wry,
i wun care.
dun wanna accept it,
too bad.
so shutta hell up kid!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010 `

why are things getting outta control?
i'm confused!
they are weird things
i really dun understand...
shld i trust you?
when isit you and when isit not you?

rainbow-ed @10:30 PM

PE did some Napfa crap. OMG! my standing board jump improved! AMAZINGLY... and OMG! week 3 is napfa!! i deprove alot liao. like my running and things. D:! someone stepped on this lizard and its tail came off. plus the neck there also bleeding. yufeng took it up and feed water. after that put at the grass patch. but recess go back that time, alr decompose le! D:

after PE was maths... crapped... thn EL! mdmd lum took away that period cos mr lee din come.thn we changing mahs, so lock the door thn mdm lum was like" i know you all dun wan me come in. you can tell me. if you dun wan, i can go" megan was like saying 'they were changing so we lock the door" she explain so many times man, thn mdm lum wanna see monitress?! like lol. like tt also can. thn end class liao, we greeting her thn she just leave the class like that. WTH?!!

after sch did DnT! diyanah's papa send me back. :D

just uploaded photos on facebook abt Mutts & Mittens!!
it rocked.
i shall not upload here.
very lazy.
just go to the link below and see! :DD


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